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Atelier QuillacinGa

Hola. Que tal?

My name is Paola, owner of Atelier Quillacinga. I am a Colombian woman living in The Netherlands for more than 20 years who loves colors and feels deep admiration for the beauty of Latin, specially Colombian handmade jewellery products. My dream is to bring the best of my Colombian roots and culture to other people in the world. For this reason I started learning from and working with Colombian artisans, designing and creating eye-catching handcrafted jewellery. The collections are inspired by the colours, shapes and textures of Latin America, combined in some cases with the modern style of the Netherlands. It reflects my diverse background and creativity. Unique pieces made with the best materials and a lot of love,  that could be totally personalized.


At Atelier Quillacinga we create timeless treasures. Buying them, It’s a unique, meaningful way to honor the people of Colombia for their strength, courage, and creativity and specially the artisans working with me. Put a piece of the country’s soul in the palm of your hand and allow yourself to be inspired. Made with passion from Colombia/Netherlands to the whole world! Part of the profits goes to social projects. Because sharing love and compassion brings a sweetness to our lives.

Be Happy! Se Feliz!

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