The Creator of the product was J.W.Waltz, a designer who wants to stay in the background. 

The Origin of the product started 10 years ago from creating a gift for clients as a surprise. A product for everyone. “The bag” After a while There was a demand for more bags, there were no webshops back then.The product successfully moved from person to person.


VORM 1 was the name, because it was the first product and vorm1 was created. ( VORM Dutch name )* FORM English version)

This feeling and creation of happiness needed to be shared, so after some time we created the webshop, while word of mouth kept on going. 

The most important thing. 

The product is free of vanity and is not made in poor countries or sweatshops in rich countries. 

The product is fairly made in the Netherlands and is fully owned by one man who works with partners in crime to get it out in the world.  

You support the first concept that is not based on endless profit or endless waste.   

We have extended the product line with a lot of colors and those are made when ordered or when in stock. 

 ‘’One bag forever for everyone that believes in the concept”



the bag maker.

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